Improving productivity is a major objective of the KVK. Before implementation of activities, KVK has continuously given major thrust on assessment of Problems, Opportunities, Issues and Needs of the farming community. Prior to finalization of annual action plan, KVK is analyzing the gaps in adoption of technologies and also collect the information about reasons behind it. Identification of the beneficiaries for training, demonstration, OFTs and other extension activities was done through these groups. This has helped to get a very positive response from the farming community.

Training To Farmers / Farm Women / Rural Youth / Extension Functionaries

  1. Clientele needs are assessed and thrust areas identified.
  2. Short and long term vocational trainings in agriculture and allied fields are organized to farmers / farm women/rural youth.
  3. Trainings to extension functionaries to update their knowledge and skill on the emerging advances in agriculture and allied sections.
  4. Sponsored trainings also organized as per the demand from sponsoring agencies.
  5. OffCampus/Non residential trainings are organized periodically.

On-Farm Testing

  1. Experiments are laid out in farmers field on the available technologies for their suitability.
  2. Location specific technologies are identified for their assessment and refinement.
  3. Help farmers to solve practical field problems.

Front Line Demonstration

  1. New varieties are popularized.
  2. FLDs on Oilseeds, Pulses, Cereals and Horticultural crops are conducted.
  3. Latest production/protection technologies are demonstrated on farmers fields.

Farm Advisory And Extension Services

  1. Scientists visit farmers fields weekly in collaboration with Department of Agriculture, Puducherry.
  2. Field Problems are assessed and suitable remedial measures are advised on location.
  3. Field days, farmers fair, Exhibitions melas, seminars, Kisan Gosthies, ex trainees meet, explosive visits are organized under extension services.

Farm Science Clubs

  1. Farmers in each village with 20-20 farmers become members of Farm Science Clubs.
  2. Trainings imparted to Farm Science Clubs members on priority basis.
  3. Their fields are inspected for advisory services when required.
  4. Trained farmers share their knowledge and expertise with other farmers.

Self Help Group Under Women Cell

  1. Members are trained for additional income for their family and empowerment of women.
  2. Training for self employment on aspects of agriculture and allied fields given to enable members to start Self employment unit.

Plant Health Clinic

  1. Diagnosing nutrient deficiency and advising nutrient management.
  2. Diagnosing crop pests and diseases and advisory services.